What things can I do to increase my website traffic to my blog?

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asked Jan 13 in Seo (Search Engine Optimization) by Uchida (350 points)
What things can I do to increase my website traffic to my blog?

How can I get more website traffic to my blog?

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answered Jan 13 by Minty (26,380 points)
Try making youtube videos that are related to your website and then put your website address in the videos itself and put a link to your website in your video description.
If your videos get a lot of views your website can get a lot of traffic through youtube.

Also try promoting your website through twitter, create a twitter account and add your website address in the about part of your twitter account.

Then follow other twitter accounts that might be interested in your website. Tweet your blog posts to your twitter followers and you can get website traffic overtime.

Also try finding relevant forums and if allowed you can put your url in your forum signature and whenever you post a new thread or reply to another forum thread your url will show at the bottom of your post.

This can lead to some good traffic to your website as well if you don't spam the forum.

And another thing you can do to get website traffic is find other blogs related to your website or blog and post comments but don't put the url to your website in the comment put the url where your name will be and also don't post useless comments.

When posting a comment make sure you add value to the blog post by commenting.

Your username on the blog should usually link to your blog automatically.

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