Should you wake a child up to pee?

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Should you wake a child up to pee?

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It's best to not wake a child up to pee.

When a child is wetting the bed waking them up to pee won't prevent them from wetting the bed later during the night.

I've tried this with my kids and they continued to wet the bed.

So what I found was a good solution is to just put the kids in diapers for bed wetting and let them sleep through the night.

A diaper is a good option for bed wetting and will keep the kids pants and clothes and bed dry.

You can also use Goodnites or Pull Ups as well for the child when they are wetting the bed.

But if the child will fit into regular diapers then they should wear regular tab style diapers as they hold more pee.

My kids wear a size 6 Luvs diaper at night for bed wetting and they are much more comfortable and get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is very important and waking the child up at night to pee interrupts that very important sleep.

So I would just diaper the child at night and then allow the child to sleep through the night.

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