Pros and cons of your own business

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asked Jan 19 in Auto Racing by Marinad (2,980 points)
Would you like to have your own business? is it important to you?

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answered Jan 19 by Checklife (2,190 points)
Having your own business can be great.

However it's also a lot more work than it is to work for someone else.

Having your own business means you still have to work and usually work harder.

But you can also eventually once you get established lower your work level by having additional employees.

If you do hire employees I would recommend hiring a place such as staff leasing to do the payroll as it saves a lot of work and headaches with the IRS.

You can get pretty rich owning your own business if you get into the right business and work hard.
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answered Jan 25 by Jassy123 (4,440 points)

I was an individual entrepreneur before but my business did not bring me a high income. I decided to change something in my life and read about how StartMyLLC. I realized that I dream of having my own world-wide popular company and decided to start taking the first steps. I hope that my dream will come true in the near future

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I also have a great idea, however, still can't make the first step.
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answered Jan 28 by Alex9988 (500 points)
I'm currently working on it. I'm sure my own business will allow me be my own boss and earn more.
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answered Jan 28 by Dyavion (630 points)
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I always wanted to have my own business but it's really hard to start. There are plenty of things to consider and it's a huge responsibility. But it's also freedom and independence at the same time. I consider it's worth it that's why I decided to start. Fortunately, I found this transportation company, it helped to organize my business.

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