@MWalker1996. What happened to your mega.nz video files? They have all been removed.

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asked Jan 23, 2022 in AB/DL by JMarsy125 (7,200 points)
If you can recover the videos and photos that were there, I highly recommend Google Drive since they don't go through everything as much.

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answered Jan 23, 2022 by diapermouse1 (7,820 points)
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I was wondering what happened too.

When I went to the link to the mega.nz it said something about the account being closed due to gross violation of the terms of service.

Hope he had those videos saved elsewhere.

Always keep multiple backups of any files you want to save as just as this shows they can delete the files without warning.

I was hoping to save a lot of those myself but didn't get too.
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answered Jan 24, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,510 points)

This sucks that the account got deleted.

I was wondering what happened and I was also sad as I didn't get to save a lot of those files.

There were some great videos and photos on his account.

I was gonna save as much of the files as possible but my computer wouldn't let me as it kept crashing for some reason when I tried to download large files.

So far my mega account is still active.

I wish I could start a file hosting service myself and then files like this would not be an issue on the file hosting service.

Here's a link to my mega.nz videos


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