@MWalker1996, have you uploaded the diaper content somewhere else yet? (Google Drive, etc.)

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asked Jan 26, 2022 in AB/DL by JMarsy125 (7,200 points)
I am really excited to see your diaper content, especially the videos. Please share the link when it is ready.
commented Jan 29, 2022 by paratom (5,790 points)
Hey Mario, let's get older boys back in diapers lol

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answered Jan 27, 2022 by Wetdiaper565 (1,730 points)
I'm hoping he saved those files elsewhere as well or at least can get the files back.

It sucks that he got his account deleted and the files removed.

I loved looking at them and should've saved them myself but sadly I did not.
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answered Jan 27, 2022 by diapermouse1 (7,820 points)
You might try sending him a private message through his website.

In your account on here there's a private message option or go to his profile on here and you can send him a private message that way as well.

Then he may respond faster that way.

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