What is an organ grinder?

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What is an organ grinder?

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In the UK an Organ Grinder refers to someone who in charge or very important.

The UK uses the saying Organ Grinder to refer to a person who is in charge, rather than a lackey or representative.

The Dictionary defines "organ grinder's monkey" as "one who acts for or does the bidding of someone much more powerful."

It further defines it below: If you call someone the organ grinder's monkey, you mean that they are doing what a powerful person wants them to do, but have no real power themselves.

Some ways to use organ grinder in a sentence are.

We want the organ grinder not the monkey. After all, in a sense he is the organ grinder.

I shall give way to the organ grinder in a moment.

The organ grinder has wisely stayed hidden away in a room.

Organ Grinder can also mean someone who plays an organ.

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