Do pull ups hold more than diapers?

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Do pull ups hold more than diapers?

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Pull Ups do not hold more than diapers.

In fact Pull Ups are actually less absorbent than diapers are.

Pull Ups are actually meant for small accidents when a child is potty training and they don't hold poop all that well either.

For bed wetting actual tape on diapers are better and the same is true if your kid is wetting their pants.

You can also buy tape on Youth Disposable Diapers as well which are much better than Pull Ups or Goodnites.

Goodnites are considered diapers.

Goodnites and Pull Ups are basically just less absorbent diapers that pull up and down easily to make it seem like underwear.

However pull ups and Goodnites are still diapers but just without the Tabs.

The difference between Goodnites and Pull Ups is that Goodnites are a larger size pull up made for older kids above potty training age.

Goodnites are meant for those older kids who wet the bed or have small wetting accidents.

Pull Ups are similar to Goodnites but they run smaller than Goodnites and are meant for kids under 5 years old who are potty training.

For bed wetting I found that my kids leaked through Goodnites as Goodnites are not that good fitting or meant to hold heavy wettings

So I would recommend regular diapers.

If your bed wetting kid is small enough then they can sometimes fit into a size 6 or size 7 toddler diaper such as Pampers Cruisers size 7, Pampers Baby Dry size 6, Luvs size 6 diapers or even a Dollar General Gentle Steps size 7 diaper.

The actual tape on diapers fit better and are more absorbent for kids who wet the bed and Pull Ups and Goodnites are still a diaper but a less absorbent pull on style diaper.

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