What's the logic behind celebrating birthdays?

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What's the logic behind celebrating birthdays?

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The logic behind celebrating birthdays is to just provide a fun day to celebrate the day you were born.

I've never enjoyed celebrating my birthday and always hated it when my parents would make a big deal about my birthday.

I remember one birthday when I was 5 years old my parents and Grandparents had set up a surprise birthday party for me at my Grandparents house.

I arrived at my Grandparents house although I didn't want too and my parents told me to keep my eyes closed as they drove up to the driveway of my parents house which was in the country.

They had horses and had a clown and all that jazz.

I didn't keep my eyes closed and I was upset and crying because I did not want a birthday party and I refused to get out of the car.

My parents said that I should be happy for all that they did for me.

But I was not happy and I did not care.

I got out of the car eventually but I didn't open any presents, eat any cake etc.

i actually took the cake and threw it on the ground and busted up most of the decorations as I hated birthday parties and always have.

I told the clown he looked ugly and that I hated him which I did.

I really don't see the point in celebrating birthdays and I never will.

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