Your local post office is making final delivery?

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Your local post office is making final delivery?

What does UPS tracking mean when it says that Your local post office is making final delivery?

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When UPS tracking says your local post office is making final delivery it means that instead of the UPS delivering the package to you directly they are gonna transfer the package to USPS and then your post office who delivers your other mail will deliver the package instead.

UPS SurePost is when the UPS handles the package for awhile and then they drop the package off to the USPS that does the USPS mail delivery in your location.

So if you get your mail at the post office then the package will be available at the post office for you to pick up.

If you get your mail at your house then the USPS mail carrier will deliver the package to your house.

They should provide a tracking number for the USPS package once it's transferred to the post office.

UPS surepost is a terrible and slow service but you will eventually get your package but you just have to wait longer.

To me it makes more sense for the UPS to deliver the package when they already have it.

I've had regular UPS packages delivered to me the same day that UPS dropped off a UPS surepost package to the post office to be delivered to me the next day.

They could've just delivered the package to me because they were at my house anyway but they can't because it's a UPS surepost package.

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