Is Swamp Cabbage illegal?

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Is Swamp Cabbage illegal?

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Swamp Cabbage is Illegal in Florida.

However if the Swamp Cabbage tree is on your own land then you can legally cut it down but you can't cut down Swamp Cabbage Trees on private land that is owned by someone else or public lands.

Remember, the cabbage palm is the state tree of Florida.

Since the utilization of the palm for food necessitates the total destruction of the tree, authorization must be obtained before cutting.

Raw swamp cabbage also is appreciated as a Florida Cracker delicacy.

Following trimming, the swamp cabbage may be prepared in various ways.

The most popular old cracker way is to cut into thin slices like cole slaw and cook with meat seasoning until done.

After the swamp cabbage is cooked, the white color changes to a grayish brown.

The unique flavor is best described as smoky and wild.

Before there was "Hearts of Palm" there was "Swamp Cabbage".

It's the heart of a sable palm tree and when properly cooked, is absolutely amazing to eat!

Growing wild all over south Florida, this wild treat was a main staple of the early Floridians, often referred to as "Crackers".

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