What is the minimum balance for A US bank savings account?

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What is the minimum balance for A US bank savings account?

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You'll need to deposit a minimum of $25.00 to open a US bank Savings account and the savings account at US Bank will cost you a fee of $4.00 per month for a monthly maintenance fee.

If you want the fee waived you'll have to keep a minimum of $300.00 in the savings account with US Bank at all times.
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The savings bank in the United States of America is one of the easiest accounts that you can open with any banker. As long as you are an American or a green card holder, or a resident, you can open an account with any banker with not much of difficulties. You need to submit the basic documents, and you are good to open the account. In order to get the account activated, you will have to deposit a minimum opening amount of $25. Also, you cannot keep the account dead or unoperated. You will be debited with a maintenance cost of $4 every month. Though you cannot maintain 0 balance, there are also bankers who do not charge the maintenance fee under specified circumstances. Check out utilitysavingexpert.com to know more about savings account policies.

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