What is the best way to wash fruits and vegetables?

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What is the best way to wash fruits and vegetables?

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Both Vegetables and Fruits can be cleaned with just plain water and you can use a Vegetable brush to clean the Vegetables and Fruits with.

However you can get Fruits and Vegetables even more clean by taking a large bowl or bowl and filling it with enough water to cover the Vegetables and Fruit and then add some Apple Cider Vinegar to the bowl.

Put the Vegetables and/or Fruits into the bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar and let them soak for 20 minutes and then remove them and scrub them with the Vegetable Brush and rinse them off with plain water.

Never use soap or any detergent to clean Vegetables with like my mother tried one time as it left the food she cooked tasting like soap and we had to throw it out.

The Apple Cider Vinegar is safe to clean with and kills bacteria as well as helps to remove pesticide from the Vegetables and Fruits.

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