Why are piranhas dangerous?

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Why are piranhas dangerous?

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answered Jan 29, 2019 by potatogintia (330 points)
Piranhas are very dangerous to humans because a school of around 400 to 500 Piranhas can eat the flesh off an entire human within 5 minutes.

Even one Piranha can eat the flesh off a humans hands in 5 minutes so never stick your hand in a Piranha Fish Tank or in any water that contains Piranhas unless you want to lose your flesh from your hand.
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answered Jul 17, 2019 by Pojiloy (260 points)

Because it's a predator fish. Some people say that it is not dangerous for the humans as in real life they don't atack us, other say the opposite, relying on the Holywood movies. The only sure thing is that piranhas eat meat from animals or other fish. I have piranhas in my aquarium. I bought them 2 month ago and since now, they didn't get into troubles. I do have and other fishes in the tank and as I was expecting - the piranhas don't atack them. The piranha is a beautiful fish, worth having it in the aquarium. Now I try to make his aquarium look more like his house, that's why I bought some live rocks, algae and marine plants.

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