Are snakes a common fear?

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Are snakes a common fear?

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Snakes are a pretty common fear amongst people.

Also the fear of snakes is mostly learned as some toddlers and young children are not as afraid of snakes as older kids, teens and adults are.

While many people simply cannot tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous, the fear is also very common in places where there are no venomous species.

The fact that most infants and toddlers are not afraid of snakes, but older kids and adults often are, suggests the fear is learned.

Snakes do typically run away or slither away from humans when possible.

Snakes are scared of humans and so they would rather get away from humans instead of trying to get closer to humans.

However if you do come too close to the snake when it can't get away then they will usually bite but if possible the snake will want to get away from you instead.

Things that snakes fear the most are humans, large animals, some other snakes and scents such as smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime.

Snakes are scared of you as snakes are more scared of humans than humans are scared of them.

Snakes do fear humans more than we fear them.

When snakes see humans they will want to try to get away from you unless you're too close to them then they would try to bite you.

A snake will only bite humans as a last resort or if you're too close to them but if possible the snake will want to try to get away from you instead.

Snakes are really scared of humans.

Although a snake can and will snap at you and bite you if they need too the snake actually prefers to get away from you instead.

If you see a snake and are coming towards it the snake will most often try to take off and slither away from you first before they try to bite you.

Most snake bites occur when you actually get near or really close to the snake.

If the snake is cornered by a human or you're within a few feet of the snake then the snake may then decide to bite you.

But for the majority of snakes they would rather get away from a human than try to bite them.

Biting a human or dog, cat etc is the last resort and defense for the snake.

If you do get bitten by a snake you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible especially if you don't know whether the snake is venomous or not.

Some snakes such as the Gardener Snake are not venomous while other snakes such as the Rattle Snake are.

The best thing to do to avoid snake bites is to avoid snakes and stay away from the snakes if and when possible.

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