How do you train a puppy not to bite?

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How do you train a puppy not to bite?

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Whenever your puppy bites you even playfully let out a loud yelp like you're hurt and act like you're hurt.

It works for some puppies as they think they've hurt you and stop biting you on their own after that.

If that doesn't work whenever your puppy starts to bite you tell them in a stern voice NO that it's not acceptable and then walk away from the puppy.

It may take a few times for this to work but eventually it should work and the puppy should stop biting you.

You can also give them a chew toy when they get ready to bite you.

Puppies biting playfully is normal but it needs to be stopped before they get to the older dog stage and continue to bite and end up hurting you, someone else or even a kid.

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