Do dogs have the cleanest mouth?

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asked Jan 8 in Dogs by Killswitch89 (450 points)
Do dogs have the cleanest mouth?

Is it true that dogs mouths are cleaner than a human mouth?

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answered Jan 8 by Lilly21 (31,840 points)
I've heard that same thing. But I really don't think that the dogs mouths are much cleaner than a humans mouth.

In fact I would say the dogs mouth has to be much dirtier than a humans mouth since some dogs eat poop and they lick their private parts to clean them and the private parts are dirty.

There's no way in my opinion that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans. I brush my teeth everyday and use mouth wash everyday as well and I don't eat poop or lick my privates.

So I would think my mouth is much cleaner than a dogs mouth.

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