What are some good gifts to buy for dog lovers?

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asked Jan 10 in Dogs by ZFGY (230 points)
What are some good gifts to buy for dog lovers?

I have a friend who's a huge dog lover and I want some good ideas on things to buy her for her birthday as a gift?

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answered Jan 11 by Larry S (21,070 points)
If the dog rides in the car you could get her a water proof seat cover to protect the car seats from the dog being wet or dirty.

Another good gift if she doesn't already have one is a hands free leash that is made by Tuff Mutt. I'm sure she'll like that.

Maybe get her a coffee mug with dog pictures on it or a welcome mat with dogs or even blankets with dogs on it.
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answered Oct 12 by kesteer (600 points)
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